The Greater Phoenix Mountain Tourist Area is located in Xinji Town, southeast of Qianxi County. Pengli Highway and Qiancao Highway are directly connected to the scenic spot, and connect the second line of Beijing-Shenyang Expressway and the westward link of Beijing-Shenyang Expressway. The Qianxi Grand Phoenix Mountain is named after the shape of the mountain, such as the wings of the phoenix. It is the all-season tourism and recreation resort around Tangshan. It has an ancient scenic culture, beautiful natural scenery, ... More>>

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  • Grand Phoenix Mountain Tourist Area
  • 15931505412
  • Dafeng Mountain Scenic Spot, Xinji Village, Xinji Town, Qianxi County, Tangshan City, Hebei Province
  • Getting there:
  • Beijing: Jingha Expressway - Qianxi Branch Line - Qiantang Line - Dafeng Mountain Scenic Area
  • Qinhuangdao: Jingha Expressway-Jingqin Expressway Qian'an Branch Line - Dafeng Mountain Scenic Area
  • Chengde: Changshen Expressway - Sanfu Road - Dafeng Mountain Scenic Area
  • Tangshan: Tangjin Expressway-Jingha Expressway West Branch - Dafeng Mountain Scenic Area